Brian boru

  (Irish Gaelic) Maraíodh Brian Boru chun beatha na hÉireann Síochain in gCuige Uladh agus i mBaile ‘Cliath Aontacht an teaghlaigh, aontacht na dtuath Aontacht an domhain is na gCeilteach Diouzh nerzh ar c’hadou da nerzh an ehan Diouzh ‘bed doueek bennozh ar c’haroud O neart an chatha go neart na síochana On bhith dhiaga … More Brian boru

Circles of music

It’s not the best of titles. But, it will do! You can either take this as rhetorical or make a comment. Have you ever noticed how a composer will (often times) take a simple little pattern like this: And make subtle changes to it. But suddenly, he makes the original pattern reappear. like a blazing … More Circles of music