Easter pictures mostly

Early Easter morning. That afternoon, I sneaked up (barefoot of course) on our drainage ditch. (Yes, I sneak up on our drainage ditch.) Ducks have surprisingly good hearing. Naturally they were suspicious at first, but I think  they decided  I must have always been there. Here’s some of my favorites:     Also, the young … More Easter pictures mostly

Happy Easter

#3 Three measure mystery of April I know, this one only has two measures in it. But that’s all there was on the page. I think this is my favorite Resurrection hymn!     The last hymn was: “Not All The Blood Of Beasts”. the winner, Olivia White. Sorry, no prize. Unless you like baskets. … More Happy Easter

Three measure mystery

I’ve chosen the first three measures from a hymn almost everyone knows. it’s up to you reader! try and figure out the name of this hymn, or at least guess. let me know if you like this sort of post!