My poor sweet Calla Lily

Or, the tale behind Thursday’s chaos.

All greenhouse stock went fifty percent off at Runnings. so of course we had to go and I couldn’t just leave that beautiful Calla Lilly just sit there now could I? 🙂

One of the leaves was tinged with yellow. Little did I know, This was the beginning of a telltale sign which would cause one Leaf after another to yellow and fall off. And finally, the death of the plant!




Right before I decided to do something about it.

I knew my plant was sick but I didn’t know what was causing it. And if I didn’t act soon, my plant would die. So I went through the usual list of culprits: not enough water, too much water, not enough light, too much light, fertilizer, etc . . .

I came up with two suspects: Root rot, or the plant was overcrowded.


This is what it looked like when it came out

Since all the roots were healthy and “root- locked”  the plant definitely needed a bigger pot.

I decided to divide the plant, instead of a simple repot.

DSCN1401But, due to lack of research on my part. I accidentally sliced the entire Calla rhizome in half. (oops!)  On the plus side, I know more about Calla rhizomes. Even better, there was a separate, much smaller rhizome. Which of course had to be planted.

There you have it, “the story behind chaos.


DSCN1393And a flower for your patience!


PS, do you like this sort of post? And no, I don’t mean the “like button”!


3 thoughts on “My poor sweet Calla Lily

    1. Thank you! Illustrating poems and hymns is a lot of fun!
      To appease your curiosity, yes! I paid blood for them. So to speak,
      Since mosquitoes tend to bite in the evening or right before a Storm.
      I plan to post my favourites.


      1. Oh, mosquitoes are nasty creatures. I look forward to the days when they can be our friends. Them and the bumblebees. Imagine holding one and petting it without the fear that it will sting you and die? Yes, I wonder weird things. And will we even want to hold bees, or will we be busy otherwise?


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