Circles of music

It’s not the best of titles. But, it will do!

You can either take this as rhetorical or make a comment.

Have you ever noticed how a composer will (often times) take a simple little pattern like this:

If you play this “blocked” what chord will you get?

And make subtle changes to it. But suddenly, he makes the original pattern reappear. like a blazing sunset reminds us of the rising sun. The composer reminds us of how the piece began.



(This is your subconscious speaking. Comment! 🙂

 From last Sunday.  though, not yesterday.

I came across this in a music book.

“Practice slowly, without any stiffness, with intelligence and reflection. Practice with a perfectly free arm and supple hands. Practice with different rhythms, different movements, different attacks and different nuances. Practice with Patience – and always with patience.”

–Isidore Philipp (1863-1958)

Master teacher of technical artistry.


PS, thanks for your patience!


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