Not dead

‚Äč”Mostly dead!” The reason I haven’t posted recently!  (Just think of it as a multi faceted reason.) And, school started back up a few weeks ago. Well, and a wonderful mountain of piano assignments! ūüôā I shall return, eventually!

Photo drop 

I like the reflection in this one.   Just a lantern in the night. Why? Because photographers do weird things.  Waiting for just the right moment!  Hiding just out of view. So close and yet, so far! At last! The face of the glory, of  the morning is seen! And a few more: Thank you, … More Photo drop¬†

Brian boru

  (Irish Gaelic) Mara√≠odh Brian Boru chun beatha na h√Čireann S√≠ochain in gCuige Uladh agus i mBaile ‘Cliath Aontacht an teaghlaigh, aontacht na dtuath Aontacht an domhain is na gCeilteach Diouzh nerzh ar c’hadou da nerzh an ehan Diouzh ‘bed doueek bennozh ar c’haroud O neart an chatha go neart na s√≠ochana On bhith dhiaga … More Brian boru